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A form of seizure or convulsion often linked to epilepsy wherein the patient shakes violently and loses consciousness. Graves' illness

CT enterography is actually a Particular type of computed tomography (CT) imaging carried out with contrast material to produce images with the compact intestine. See the CT Enterography web page for more information. curettage

A recurring cycle all through a girl’s reproductive life in which the lining in the uterus prepares for pregnancy; if pregnancy will not occur the lining is shed.

A technique in which a catheter is inserted throughout the pores and skin right into a vessel and directed to the blood clot in the fistula or graft of the hemodialysis patient.

A gaggle of hormones made by the two Males and girls. They are existing in Considerably higher degrees in Males and govern The expansion and growth of the male reproductive process. In Females, they are transformed to hormones called estrogens.

A condition current at start in which There exists a blockage in the ducts that have bile from your liver for the gallbladder.

This check uses a small transducer that makes large-frequency sound waves, which make in depth images of the guts.

A surgical technique by which a portion of the diseased esophagus and nearby lymph nodes are taken off as well as remaining esophagus is reconnected towards the tummy utilizing a plastic tube or Section of the client’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract. esophagitis

The surgical removal of a little tumor (a lump). Lumpectomy frequently refers back to the elimination of a lump in the breast in its place to mastectomy, that's the elimination of your entire breast including the lump.

A treatment that requires all-natural or laboratory-made substances intended to boost, immediate or restore the human body's organic defenses from cancer. biologically Energetic coils

A non-metallic aspect present in table salt, seawater As well as in vegetation and animals that expand in The ocean. The human body involves little quantities of iodine for wholesome development and enhancement. This factor is present in lots of radiographic distinction components.

A problem of decreased bone mass, with reduced outer thickness along with a decrease during the selection and Get to their website now dimensions on the spongy constructions within the bone (but normal chemical composition), causing amplified fracture incidence.

Involving genetically related although not similar donor in a healthcare treatment for instance a stem cell transplant. allograft

Biometrics needs a consumer to deliver a novel identifier, such as a fingerprint or voice sample, that is in comparison with a stored file ahead of the user can acquire entry to the computer.

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